Referral Form

Thank you for contacting Central Bedfordshire SENDIASS (SEND Information, Advice & Support Service)  We are a FREE impartial and confidential service working at arm’s length within Central Bedfordshire Council.

All who contact the service will be assured of confidentiality and permission is requested before the recording of information or the contacting of a third party.  If consent is given, this will be noted on the child/young person’s file.

Unless there are concerns regarding child/adult protection, SENDIASS is not able to pass on any information or pass any documentation about parents/carers, children and young people to a third party without your permission.

Records will be kept on a separate and dedicated SENDIASS database which is double password protected and cannot be accessed by anyone outside the service.

SENDIASS will abide by regulations as laid down in the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act.

The service offered will be impartial. Everyone involved in discussions will be treated equally and given access to factual information to inform the decision-making process. 

SENDIASS may take part in negotiations and discussions with schools and Central Bedfordshire Council on behalf of parents/carers, children and young people (where consent is given) and in doing so represent their perspectives and wishes.

SENDIASS staff will not participate in the decision-making process of the SEND procedures and will not try to influence the outcome of any discussions.  

The service will signpost parents/carers, children and young people to other organisations as appropriate and also use external providers for staff and volunteer training.  Literature produced by others will be sent out as appropriate.